Strange street food famous in Thailand

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Strange street food menu That many people would see There are many reviews. Until it is a hit now Even foreign tourists still have to come try this menu is a Recomend menu for foreign tourists. No matter who visited Or come to travel in Thailand And visited the flea market Popular in Bangkok, such asthe Srinakarin Train Night Market Train Night Market Ratchada Or a flea market along the express

Ramintra must definitely find this menu. The menu is call the lobster tank with a name that shrimp tank as well as a menu. A great menu from a great restaurant, because the name of the restaurant is still the same as the name of the menu.

In this way, we should not miss trying the Shrimp Tang, but this menu said before that. Will be in agony For people allergic to seafood. Because of the meat that was created In this menu. The style of the sea is raise. In which this menu can be eaten alone by that

The shopkeeper takes into account the people who come to use the service. By dividing the set of food prices from 199 baht to 599 baht, which if you think There will be only shrimp in this menu. Tell me not Because this menu will take you to taste

Various kinds of sea creatures from shrimp to mussels, squid, clams and even blue crab join in this menu as well And the taste is full of intense flavors with a delicious dipping sauce Served together Tell me, you really shouldn’t miss this menu. 

Strange street food menu Along with the weirdness of Papaya Salad that comes in a tray How delicious will it be?

The flooding in With the most popular menu That Thai people are very familiar to come and think of what this menu will be In addition to familiar stores A familiar menu That dominates the hearts of Thai people How to get away with this menu? Must definitely be a menu call Papaya Salad.

But this papaya salad Very strange Because the papaya salad is serve in a tray The menu is the menu, salad trays , and also has many side dishes. Make now everyone want to try. Because both the value And interesting

Of the street food menu The familiar one To attract more food With side dishes around the tray Whether it is cockles, caps, pork, Chinese noodles, as well as naem and caravan of various vegetables. That will have you to taste When the people of Bangkok

I want to try this dish There are famous shops to grill ideas. Nomination to serve our customers around the store according to sources , many people say the same thing. This restaurant is Isaan restaurant. That counted as the taste equivalent A Michelin restaurant with that

Papaya salad must be spicy. There is no taste of fermented fish. To the machine to the meat Along with that smell Of Isan food With the selection of papaya With crisp To feel the rich taste Prepared for us to taste each other

Tightly, which is now print, the saliva will flow accordingly And swallowed a gulp I guarantee that this menu must try. Because offering papaya salad menu That is new. Let us feel the essence of food In beautiful new eyes That raised this menu

Because it is one of the street food menus That Thai people are very familiar with 

Strange street food menu What is that food and how strange it is? How long is the history?

The deliciousness is guaranteed. Come into generation Along with the delicious inheritance Of the famous Thai dessert shop By this kind of Thai dessert What kind of Thai dessert is it? Will it be as delicious as the rumors, or not, like the legendary delicious restaurant ?

And more importantly, the long queue lines Could it be a measure? That the deliciousness is guaranteed The story of this delicious Located in Don Muang. Or Laksi district itself By the location of the shop Not difficult to find. Because in front of Of the Laksi District Office

This type of traditional Thai dessert is called the traditional dessert menu. Which is very difficult to find today. Which is not surprising that the queue is long And most importantly The one who queued Didn’t buy just one set But bought it to leave many acquaintances In order to taste the deliciousness

As if to share the deliciousness to be universal, but many people may wonder that the bread we see in general. How is it different from this ancient dessert? So let’s start with the general dessert. Frequently found in the mall or flea market with a white cream. The taste is pronounced to sweet.

That is a mixture of egg white and sugar But ancient history Instead, everything is opposite. Of the current dessert entirely Because of ancient recipes Contains jaggery and egg yolk In the filling of the shop

There are both sweet and salty filling. All of which are details of Rattana shop.

When the food is legendary That each person wants to taste With sukiyaki menu Where is it going to be?

When the street food you ears Up to restaurant level food That many people know very well With a famous reputation Popular to both Siam Because this restaurant has been known for a long time With a pronounced flavor of the sauce With this food related to street food Which is new

Right? First, tell me that the shops on the streets That we have met commonly Often there is a menu of this kind for sure. But then the type of food is still very favorable to Thai people With a flavor of dipping sauce unlike other foods Because this menu is Sukiyaki menu Belonging to the shop

That is famous for a long time. Can be compared to a 100-year-old restaurant, this restaurant is call Ruen Petch Suki Because of what this restaurant has to offer Of the suki form that we can eat Has a very pronounced taste And has a unique identity of the selected ingredients

Come for us to eat worthwhile. You can see that from the street food menu. Ascend to famous restaurants The current popularity of this restaurant. It is very popular among family groups. Which eating at this restaurant The target customer group is family.

Because it’s like eating at home With table setting As well as serving the food, it is very suitable for eating together and this restaurant is not just for sukiyaki. But there are still many other dishes to choose from and now

Many people have questions. Or questions about the price, right? Because the taste of food at the restaurant level Must have a high price, right? But not at all for this restaurant With an accessible price Busy, what is the menu The price is reasonable.

You must try this restaurant when you want to try the legendary suki dish.

Ah Street Food that anyone who is hungry at night will think of this restaurant as the first restaurant, right?

When eating Is one thing that is very famous When many tourists visit Thailand Things that many people visit Want to taste Because of the spicy taste of Thai food But this restaurant is not only foreigners. That want to come and taste

But the Thais themselves want to try and experience the deliciousness from this restaurant once because this is the food culture of Thai people. Many Chula children are familiar with. With the coolness of

The taste of food can tell you must come and try. This restaurant is call Jay Oh, Khao Tom Duck, just the name of the restaurant tells about. Best Menu at Jay Oh Because there will be where to have Duck Porridge Menu Let us taste Plus there is a light price Can eat and feel comfortable on the stomach And comfortable in the pocket

With a price that does not exceed a hundred But during this period that many people say that they are hungry at night, so I think of Jay Oh. Because with a great menu This is a menu that Thai people are familiar with, which is the hot pot instant noodles, but why do you have to come to the restaurant? Because with side dishes Given by Jay Oh

It is not surprising that many people say word of mouth. Because the deliciousness started from crispy pork, emphasized eggs and carried the marine army since shrimp, squid and crab, this would not be ordinary instant noodles. That we use to It’s boiled for three minutes, right? Just thought of the side dishes

It is definitely worth the price. Not to mention the taste. Because guaranteed by having to reserve a table If walk-in goes Only have a chance to win Whether there is a table or not