8 “European dishes” of international cuisine Unique

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Today we would like to please the European dishes with the food menu of each country of Europe that is considered unique in each country and most importantly, delicious, or we would like to challenge you to try each other when you visit these countries. Some of these dishes may be easy to find in Thailand, but I would recommend you to try the local handicrafts to make your heart feel better.

Cheese Fondue, Switzerland Cheese Fondue European dishes

a great food for many people, is a Swiss symbol. Composed of gruyere cheese and emmentalert, set on fire to melt, add garlic, white wine, kirch, served in a fondue pot with candles or alcohol sticks. Set on fire to keep the butter from hardening. Use dry bread Cut into small cubes Dip the butter up and eat it with pickled onions and pickles ทางเข้า ufabet https://ufabet999.com.

Foie Gras, France Foie gras European dishes

It also known as fattening foie gras or duck liver. Liketruffles,foie gras is arguably the best in Frenchcuisine.It is soft and creamy and has a different flavor than the liver of ordinary duck or goose. Good in its delicate flavor, combined with the skill of French cooking, its taste cannot be described in words. Must try it for yourself.

Lasagna, Italy Lasagna European dishes

The famous Italian menu. Popularly eaten around the world Mellow taste Aromatic and delicious together Soft dough sheet With various tasty sauces Soft cheeses Aromatic, delicious, go together well. Until it is a favorite among diners around the world

Currywurst, Germany Curry- verse European dishes

Or sausage with curry powder sauce Famous food of Germany If anyone has a chance to visit. Tell me that you must not miss it. Especially in Berlin it is very popular. A grilled sausage with ketchup and mustard. Sprinkled with curry powder Eat with french fries Or will it be a common bread

Seafood Paella, Spain European dishes

Coming to Spain, you must not miss Paella,
or simply known as Spanish Fried Rice, a dish that is fried in a large flat pan. Stuffed with seafood Most of the ingredients focus on chopped tomatoes, onion, thyme leaves, bell peppers, yellow fried rice, contrasted with seafood, shrimp, clams, crabs, and fish. Saw and swallowed the saliva barely ever

Knedlik, Czech Knedlik European dishes

It is a dish that smells quite strong, looks like a bun, when eaten, it is cut into glasses, served with sweetened cream or eaten with Hungarian goulas. Not quite able to resist the smell of knedliki, you can enjoy it with beer.

Gulasch, Hungary Gulasch

It is a homemade soup stew. Is a famous Hungarian dish Goulaz is cooked with meat such as beef, pork, or lamb, first diced, mixed with salt, then fried with onions, simmered over low heat. Tossed with spices Then spicy with paprika, both fresh and ground, depending on the recipe, add a rich aroma with rich goulash cream, popular with pasta

Lefse, Norway Lefse

Local delicacies of Norway. Made from boiled mashed potatoes It looks similar to a large sheet of roti. When eating, they tend to spread butter on top of the sausage and wrap it in a roti. Moreover, most of the food is made from fish. Because this country is very easy to find fish.